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Directories of Early Photographers - Books by Robert Pols

The following are books by Robert Pols listed in order of date of publication, starting with the most recent.

Note, the Family History Federation have kindly offered readers of this site a 15% discount on three of Robert's books - details below.

‘In the Moon’ – and Other Studios. The Story of Victorian and Edwardian Photography in King’s Lynn, 2020, Privately published in electronic format. Free of charge.

In 2020 Robert completed a detailed and entertaining work on photographers in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. He knew that the narrowly defined content of the 247 page book meant that this was not viable as a commercial publication and so he made the work freely available to anyone who asked for a copy. You can now download it here free of charge.

Kings Lynn From Old Photographs, 2018, Amberley Publishing, 128pp, fully illustrated, paperback.

Changing townscapes, lives and events in this busy North Norfolk town captured through the eyes of local professional photographers. Available from Amberley Publishing, price 15.29

Dating Old Photographs 1840-1950. 2016, the Family History Partnership, 96pp, paperback

Dating Old Photographs 1840-1950 shows readers how to date their old family pictures by recognising the many clues given by photographic process and format, presentation of image, photographer, studio setting and the subjects themselves and their dress. Advice from earlier volumes in the series has been revised, reorganised and augmented, and a discussion of online resources has been added. A new set of photographic examples illustrates the kinds of dating conclusion that can be reached. Also contains pointers to online information. Available from Family History Books price 7.50 AT CHECK-OUT ADD THE CODE POLS2022 AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT.

Victorians in Camera The World of 19th Century Studio Photography, 2015, Pen and Sword History, 182pp, paperback, £12.99

Victorians in Camera explores the world of nineteenth century photography from the subject’s point of view. What did the Victorians want from a portrait? Where did they go to have it made? What was it like to be photographed in a Victorian studio? What did clients get for their money? How did they feel about the results? What did they do with their photographs? Using a wealth of contemporary evidence – in both words and pictures – the book seeks to relive customers’ experience of Victorian photography, following them into palatial studios where artists created exquisite images floating on a silver surface, and into low photographic dens where hucksters turned out murky likenesses on thin pieces of blackened iron. Available from Pen and Sword Books price 12.99

My Ancestor Was A Studio Photographer, 2015, Society of Genealogists, 2015, 170 pages, paperback, £9.99

A guide to sources for family historians, How to trace the career and work of ancestors who worked in commercial studio photography. How to trace surviving examples of your ancestor's work. Available from Family History Books price 9.99

Dating Old Army Photographs, 2011, Family History Partnership, 61pp, paperback, £5.95

The must have publication to help you understand photographs of your ancestors in uniform. From this you will pick up an understanding of the appearance and vocabulary of uniforms through the ages as recorded by the camera. Available from Family History Books, price 5.95 AT CHECK-OUT ADD THE CODE POLS2022 AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT.

Dating Nineteenth Century Photographs, 2005, Federation of Family History Societies 112p paperback £5.95.

This and the companion volume for twentieth Century photographs builds on Roberts earlier volumes on dating old photographs. The dating charts and illustrations are both expanded and you will find yourself using these over and over again.

Dating Twentieth Century photographs, 2005, Federation of Family History Societies, 127pp, paperback £6.50.

This excellent volume extends dating knowledge well into the twentieth century, covering more recent photographs which are likely to be encountered by most family and local historians. Contains excellent dating charts and information about film sizes. Available from Family History Books price 6.50 AT CHECK-OUT ADD THE CODE POLS2022 AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT.

Family Photographs 1860-1945, 2002, Public Records Office, 166 pages paperback. £12.99

Contains information on dating and understanding surviving photographs as well as an excellent overview of the development of photography. There are also some detailed case studies from the 1860s to 1940s

Photography for Family Historians, 1998, Federation of Family History Societies, 91pp soft cover. £4.95

Although this book dates from the days of film rather than digital photography, it contains a surprisingly useful range of information for family historians on what to photograph, and how to set about it. Also contains helpful advice on record keeping and preservation of photographs. Available from Parish Chest, price 2,50

Understanding Old Photographs, 1995, Robert Boyd Publications 86p, £4.95 paperback,

Basic help in understanding old photographs, considering the questions: "what is it, who is it, and when was it"

Dating Old Photographs 1st Edn 1992 83pp, paperback, 2nd Edn 1995 91pp paperback, Federation of Family History Societies, out of print.

An ideal inexpensive starter text for anyone trying to find out more about family and other photographs. Crammed with useful information, especially a number of dating charts after the main text.

Selection of books by Robert Pols

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