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Directory of Early Photographers in Huntingdonshire, M - Z


High Street, Huntingdon
KH 1869

East Street, Godmanchester
HH 1876

Godmanchester, Huntingdon

North End, Huntingdon
KH 1877, KH 1885

‘Photographic artist’ in HH1876. According to Heathcote, Arthur Maddison began taking portraits in January 1855 at Maddison’s Cabinet Warehouse, High Street, Huntingdon. (John Maddison, the proprietor, was an auctioneer and cabinet maker, and was probably Arthur’s father). Arthur ran a branch in Bedford (1864-69) and another (no dates given) in St Ives. He also traded during his later career as a nationwide supplier of photographic chemicals. He married Julia Hinde in 1874. According to Pike, he died in 1887. But his stepson, Frederick Hinde, kept Maddison as part of the business name for decades thereafter (details below). For more information, see studio note.


Wife of Arthur Maddison and mother of Frederick Hinde. Shown as photographer, aged 54, in the 1891 census returns for Huntingdon.


Ermine Street, Huntingdon
KH 1894

Sheep Market, St Ives
KH 1894, KH 1898, KH 1903, KH 1906, KH 1910, KH 1914, KH 1920, KH 1924

74 Ermine Street, Huntingdon
KH 1898, KH 1903, KH 1906, KH 1910, TC 1911/12, KH 1914, TC 1918, KH 1920, KH 1924

120 High Street, Huntingdon
KH 1898, KH 1903

Market Hill, St Ives
EC 1901, TC 1911/12, TC 1918

Spelt ‘Maddisun’ in KH 1898. The name of the partnership derives from the fact that Arthur Maddison married the widowed Julia Hinde in 1874. According to Pike, the business came under the sole management of Maddison’s stepson, Fredrick Hinde, in 1892. For more information, see studio note.

An advertisement in KH 1894 gives the following information: “Maddison & Hinde, Photographic Artists, Royal Art Studio, Huntingdon and The Studio, St Ives. Studios open daily. High-class portraiture turned out at moderate prices. Price list sent free on application. Special arrangements made for all Out-door Photography. Negatives kept. Copies can always be obtained. Specialities: Midget photos – These popular photos can be obtained at 3s. and 4s. per dozen. Best finish only.”

In the early20th century the firm was producing and publishing postcards at the Ermine Street studio. Cozens (1) includes examples from the period c1904-1912. A 1905 picture of Huntingdon High Street shows that a window of the George Hotel has been given over to the use of Maddison & Hinde as a showcase.

NORMAN, Charles

Sheep Market, St Ives
HH 1876, HK 1877

‘Watchmaker, photographer &c’ in HH 1876.


Shown as photographer, aged 26, in the 1891 census returns for St Ives.


Cambridge Street, St Neots
KH 1885, KH 1890, KH 1894

High Street, St Neots
KH 1898, KH 1903, TC 1905/6, KH 1906

KH 1885 and KH1890 add ‘& at Biggleswade’.


High Street, St Neots
KH 1910, TC 1911/12, KH 1914, TC 1918, KH 1920


Church Street, St Ives
KH 1869


Water Newton. Identified in Cozens (3) as a local postmaster who published postcards but was not necessarily a photographer. Dates uncertain.


Sawtry, Peterborough
KH 1906

SLATER, Percy John

Sawtry, Peterborough
KN 1910, KH 1914, KH 1920, KH 1924

Also active in the postcard market, both in the Edwardian era and in the post-war years, according to Cozens (3).

SUTTON, Francis H

Shown as photographer, aged 21, in the 1901 census returns for St Ives.


Sawtry. Identified in Cozens (3) as postcard publishers (but not necessarily photographers). Active in the 1920s.


148 High Street, Huntingdon
KH 1920, KH 1924

28 Great Whyte, Ramsey, Huntingdon
KH 1924

By about 1913 – if not before – Whitney was also active as a producer and publisher of postcard views. An example in Cozens (3), dating from the early 1930s, refers to his Huntingdon premises as his ‘Electric Studio’. Cozens (1) mentions a further studio in Hartford (date unknown).

WOOD, Alfred

16 High Street, Huntingdon. Identified in Cozens (1) as a publisher of postcards (but not necessarily as a photographer). Datable examples of his work belong to the period c1905-1910.

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