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Directory of Early Photographers in Leicestershire, S



2 Museum Terrace, New Walk, Leicester
WRLE 1892

SEVILLE, Oswald William

104 Narborough Road, Leicester
KL 1904, WRLR 1906, KL 1908, WRLR 1909, WRLR 1911, KL 1912

149 Wolverton Road, Leicester
WRLR 1914, KL 1916


Crown Studio, 5 King Street, Leicester
WRLE 1887/8, KL 1888

King Street, Leicester
BEL 1888

76 Granby Street, Leicester
WRLR 1889/90, KL 1891, WRLE 1892, WRLR 1894, KL 1895, KL 1899, WRLE 1899, BEL 1902

9a Belgrave Gate, Leicester
WRLE 1892

WRLR 1889/90 and KL 1891 preface the Granby Street address with ‘Grosvenor Gallery/Galleries’. KL 1888 omits ‘Crown Studio’.


Town Hall Rooms, Loughborough
HL 1870

SHEPARD, William

9 Belgrave Road, Leicester
WRLE 1899

See also William Shepherd, below.


9 Belgrave Road, Leicester
KL 1899

See also William Shepard, above.

SHUTER, Alfred C

97 Howard Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester
KL 1908, WRLR 1909

WRLR 1909 omits ‘Clarendon Park’.

SISSON, Frederick

Nottingham Street, Melton Mowbray
BAL 1875

King Street, Melton Mowbray
KL 1876

See also Frederick Sissons, below.

SISSONS, Frederick

King Street, Melton Mowbray
WL 1877

See also Frederick Sisson, above.


122 Green Lane Road, Leicester
KL 1904


Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicester
KL 1864, KL 1876

SLADEN, Marshall Ernest

122 Green Lane Road, Leicester
WRLR 1903

SMEETON, Ebenezer

'Barber and photographic artist' of Kibworth Beauchamp, whose marriage on Christmas Day 1858 was noted in The Leicestershire Mercury (1.1.59).


Noted by Aucott as operating at Kibworth Harcourt, 1870-1884.

SMITH, Alexander John

Northampton Road, Market Harborough
WRLE 1892

Aucott notes that he was Canadian, that he opened for business at Bridge House in Northampton Road in March 1891, and that he had given up the studio by December 1892. Bob Hakewill reports that Smith was living at the studio address on the night of the 1891 census (aged 30, single, born at Fain in Rosshire), and that the premises were empty by the time the 1894 list of electors was drawn up. The census showed Smith's assistant as Henry C Cope (q.v.).

SMITH, Thomas

18 London Road, Leicester
DL 1861

16 London Road, Leicester
SL 1862

‘Smith’ appears to be a misprint, in the alphabetical section of both DL 1861 and SL 1862, for Thomas Snaith, below. Snaith appears in the alphabetical listing of neither of these directories, but he is entered correctly in the trade sections of both.

SMITH, W, & Co

24 Baxter Gate, Loughborough
KL 1912, KL 1916

SMITH, William S

Aucott records that he opened a studio at 13 Patrick Street, Market Harborough, in 1896. The venture was probably short-lived.

SNAITH, Thomas,

18 London Road, Leicester
DL 1861, WL 1863, KL 1864, WMD 1864, BUL 1867, HL 1870, LTP 1870, BAL 1875, CG 1875, KL 1876

16 London Road, Leicester
SL 1862

See also ‘Thomas Smith’ above.

SNEATH, Robert

182 St Saviour’s Road, Leicester
WRLE 1899

SPEIGHT, Edward Hall

Founder of a photographic dynasty and father of Gulliver, below. His studio was always outside the county, in Rugby, but Aucott notes that he was active in the Market Harborough area in the late 1870s, when he produced a series of photographic views of the town.

SPEIGHT, Gulliver

High Street, Market Harborough
WRLR 1889/90, WRLE 1892, WRLR 1894, WRLE 1899

The Square, Market Harborough
KL 1895, KL 1899, BEL 1902, KL 1904

29 The Square, Market Harborough
KL 1908, KL 1912, KL 1916

Gulliver was one of Rugby’s Speight family of photographers. Frearson records that his first studio was at 5 High Street - where he was in business from about February 1888 - and that he may have occupied the studio at 29 The Square as early as 1892. Bob Hakewill reports that, on the occasion of the 1891 census, Speight (and his assistant, Charles Mumford [q.v.]) was living in lodgings at the back of Upper High Street. He continued to work in Market Harborough until he retired in 1951. More information can be found on John Frearson’s website.

SPELL, Joseph & Son

Franklin Chambers, 34½ Granby Street, Leicester
WRLR 1878

The address is referred to as 34a Granby Street elsewhere in WRLR 1878, where ‘(William Cole)’ is added after the company name, and where the family’s grocer’s shop at 16 West Bridge Street is also mentioned.

SPENCER, John & Thomas

20 Market Place, Leicester
WMD 1864, BUL 1867, HL 1870, CG 1875, KL 1876, WL 1877, WRLR 1878, SIL 1880, WRLE 1880, WRLR 1883/4

They announced the opening at 20 Market Place of their 'new Photographic Gallery, which has been constructed, regardless of Expense, upon the most approved principles' in The Leicester Journal, 30th October 1863. The advertisement also mentioned premises at 34 Cank Street, Leicester.

Their advertisement in BUL 1867 reads: ‘Booksellers Stationers, Bookbinders, Librarians, &c. Photographic Gallery, 20 Market Place, Leicester. Steam Printing Works: 34 Cank Street. Revised Prices for Photographic Portraits – Cartes de Visite 12 for 10s 6d. Larger sizes on equally moderate terms.’ (See also 'Leicestershire Prices'.) Their full-page advertisement in WL 1877 focuses almost entirely on the non-photographic sides of the business.

SIL 1880 was published by them and includes mention of their services at the top or bottom of many pages, as well as featuring a full-page advertisement. Printing, stationery supply, bookselling and library all figure prominently. References to the photography business include: ‘Spencer’s Photographic Gallery, open daily, for first-class Portraits only, at moderate prices’; ‘Cartes de Visite from 6s per dozen’; and ‘Photographic Albums in great variety at J & T Spencer’s’.

SPENCER, Thomas Edward

Chaucer Street, Leicester
KL 1899

8 Chaucer Street, Leicester
WRLE 1899

In WRLE 1899 he is listed as ‘Photographer’s Retoucher’, rather than as ‘Photographer’.


26 Hinckley Road, Leicester
WRLR 1911, KL 1912, WRLR 1914, KL 1916

STANLEY, Clement Bertrand

11 Cedar Road, Leicester
WRLR 1914, KL 1916


According to Adamson (2), Steven was an employee of Richard Beard (the national holder of daguerreotype rights), and was engaged in 1844 by Chapman & Hewitt (q.v.) to assist in establishing Leicester’s first photographic studio.

SWAIN, Percy John

Listed in the 1911 census as a photographer living at 24 Baxter Gate, Loughborough, with his wife, Laura, and their baby son, Ernest. He may have been a photographer's assistant at this time, rather than running his own studio. For details of Swain's eventful earlier photographic career, see his entry in the Norfolk directory.


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