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Directory of Early Photographers in Leicestershire, M - O


McINES, Alex

107 Belgrave Gate, Leicester
WRLR 1909

Presumably a mistake for McInnes, below.


107 Belgrave Gate, Leicester
WRLR 1911, KL 1912

See also McInes, above.


46 Fairfield Street, Leicester
WRLR 1906

MAIN, James

Noted by Aucott as operating in Hallaton in 1876 and 1880.


26 King Street, Leicester
WRLE 1887/8

29 King Street, Leicester
BEL 1888

20 King Street, Leicester
KL 1888

MANN, Henry

48 Church Gate, Leicester
KL 1891

MANN, Samuel & Ernest

Whitwick, Leicester
WRLE 1899


Welford Place, Leicester
WRLR 1906, KL 1908

WRLR 1906 adds: ‘Archibald Hargrave, mgr.’

MARSHALL, Alfred Henry

54 Belgrave Road, Leicester
KL 1912, WRLR 1914


14 Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester
BUL 1867


Leicester Road, Wigston
BEL 1902

MATTHEWS, Miss Helen

Wigston, Leicester
WRLE 1899


69 Belvoir Road, Coalville, Leicester
KL 1912, KL 1916


An advertisement in The Leicester Journal, 8th February 1856, announces that 'Mr Joseph Merrals, late of Leicester' has formed a partnership with W S Scott to run a studio at 309 Regent Street, London. It may therefore be that Merrals had a Leicester studio at an earlier date.

MIDLAND Photographic Co Ltd

107 Belgrave Gate, Leicester
WRLR 1914


See Leicester & London Photographic Company.

MOBBS, William

24 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester
CG 1875, KL 1876, WL 1877, KL 1881, BEL 1888, KL 1888

24 Galltree Gate, Leicester
WRLR 1878, WRLE 1880, WRLR 1883/4

8 Gladstone Street, Leicester
WRLR 1889/90

WRLR 1878 gives 8 Gladstone Street as Mobbs’ home address. His advertisement in WRLE 1880 draws attention to ‘The Beautiful Rembrandt Portraits’ and reminds patrons that his Central Photographic Rooms ‘are open daily, replete with every modern arrangement for the production of First-Class work’. It offers ‘Cartes de visite of every description, including the much-admired “Rembrandt”. Enlargements up to Life-Size, Finished in Oil or Water-Colour, by first-class Artists.’

Mobbs filed for bankruptcy in 1881 (Leicester Chronicle, 6.8.81). Evidently he resumed his trade a few years later, operating from his home address in Gladstone Street.

MONSON, Charles

Shown in the 1881 census as widower, portrait painter and photographer, living in Belgrave, Leicestershire. He was one of four photographer brothers, and the main part of his career is covered by his entry in the Northamptonshire directory.

MOON, Vice &

36 Market Place, Leicester
BUL 1867

Market Place, Leicester
HL 1870

‘Booksellers, stationers, printers & photographers’ in BUL 1867.

MOORE, Mrs Agnes

102, Knighton Fields Road, Leicester
KL 1904

111 Queen’s Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester
WRLR 1906. KL 1908, WRLR 1911, KL 1912, WRLR 1914, KL 1916

MOORE, Arthur

20 Market place, Leicester
KL 1895

20 Granby Street, Leicester
KL 1899, WRLE 1899, BEL 1902

‘Artistic photographer & picture framer’ in BEL 1902. After disappearing from the photographer lists of trade directories, he is listed as a supplier of photographic materials at 47 Friar lane, Leicester, in KL 1908.

MOORE, James Mason

18 Granby Street, Leicester
DL 1861, SL 1862, WL 1863

‘Photographic artist & bookseller’ in DL 1861. ‘Bookseller, stationer & photographer’ in WL 1863.


6 Belgrave Road, Leicester
BEL 1888, KL 1891


6 Belgrave Road, Leicester
KL 1895

MORLEY, Manfred Marshall

Near Public Wharf, Belgrave Gate, Leicester
WRLE 1887/8, WRLR 1889/90, WRLE 1892, WRLR 1894

Belgrave Road, Leicester
WRLE 1899

6 Belgrave Road, Leicester
BEL 1902

‘Photographer & picture framer’ in WRLE 1887/8, where his home address appears to be 6 Belgrave Road.

MORLEY, Marshall David

94 Belgrave Road, Leicester
BEL 1902, WRLR 1903, KL 1904, WRLR 1906, KL 1908, WRLR 1909, WRLR 1911, KL 1912, WRLR 1914, KL 1916

‘Photographer, artist, and dlr in music, musical instruments and fittings of every description’ in BEL 1902.

MOSSMAN, William Stanley

9 Belgrave Road, Leicester
KL 1912, WRLR 1914, KL 1916

MUMFORD, Charles William

103 Northampton Road, Market Harborough
KL 1912, KL 1916

Frearson records that Mumford worked as assistant to Gulliver Speight (q.v.) in the early years of the 20th century. Bob Hakewill has found him living in the same boarding house as Speight in the 1891 census, aged 19, single and born in Nottingham.

NALL, William

Bowling Green Street, Leicester
DL 1861

NEAL, John Samuel

Ratby, Leicester
KL 1908

NEWMAN, Charles C

Belvoir Road, Coalville, Leicester
WRLR 1894

Melbourne Street, Coalville, Leicester
KL 1895

Jackson Street, Coalville, Leicester
KL 1899


Mountsorrel, Loughborough
KL 1916

NEWTON, Alfred

19 Belvoir Street, Leicester
WRLR 1883/4, WRLE 1887/8, BEL 1888, KL 1888, WRLR 1889/90, KL 1891, WRLE 1892, WRLR 1894, KL 1895, KL 1899, WRLE 1899, BEL 1902

After 1902, Newton disappears from the photographer lists in trade directories, but he continues to be listed as a supplier of photographic materials (at 17 King Street, Leicester) until at least 1916.

NICHOLS, George Albert

Aucott records that he ran studios in Croydon (early 1870s) and Hertfordshire (mid 1870s), before settling in Stamford, Lincs, c1879, where he continued to work until his death in 1896. He opened a branch at Bridge House, Northampton Road, Market Harborough, in September 1883 and continued in business in the town until December 1886.


14 High Street, Loughborough
KL 1908, KL 1912, KL 1916

NORMAN, Leonard

Local Historian Elizabeth Wright has a cabinet print from the 1890s by Leonard Norman of Clarendon Studio, Montague Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester. She reports that he was born in 1870 and worked initially as a 'shoe clicker'. In 1893, shortly after his marriage to Elizabeth Carter, he moved to 28 Montague Road. In the 1901 census he is described as 'shopkeeper and picture framer', and his earliest entry in a directory (1906) places him at 30 Montague Road as a picture framer. He subsequently returned to his original trade.

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