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Directory of Early Photographers in Northamptonshire, L - M



6 & 7 Mill Road, Wellingborough
KN 1890

LAW, Miss

Park Road, Peterborough
CAP 1901

LAW, Misses Alice & Florence

Park Road, Peterborough
KN 1890, PD 1892, KN 1894, CAP 1896, KN 1898, COP 1898


Park Road, Peterborough
COP 1894

One suspects that this should be ‘Law, A & F’, as above.

LAW, Charles

HN 1876

12 Bridge Street, Northampton
RN 1884, WRN 1884, KN 1885, SN 1889, KN 1890, SN 1893, LN 1893/4, KN 1894, WNN 1896, KN 1898, KN 1903, KN 1906, LN 1906, LN 1907

117 Thrift Street (Upper), Northampton
SN 1893, WNN 1896

WRN 1884 adds ‘portrait and landscape’.

Charles Law was the son of William Wilby Law, below. His continuing presence at 12 Bridge Street is clear enough, but the appearance of the Thrift Street studio – first noted in 1893 – introduces some uncertainty. (SN 1893 and WNN 1896 both have two separate Law entries: SN 1893 shows C Law at Bridge Street and Charles Law at Thrift Street; WNN 1896 shows Charles Law at Bridge Street and C Law at Thrift Street.) If there were two different Charles Laws, they were certainly not father and son. Descendent David Smith explains that whilst Charles did indeed have a son of the same name, the boy died at the age of twelve. He suggests the more likely explanation for two addresses is that Charles occupied both premises for a time, and he points out that the Thrift Street property could have been used for photographic printing operations and, perhaps, for the engraving and copper-plate printing that was also an established family business.

LAW, William Wilby

49 Gold Street, Northampton
TN 1859

Gold Street, Northampton
MN 1861, KN 1864

Father of Charles, above. He appears in MN 1861 as photographer, engraver, lithographer, draughtsman & copper-plate printer. (In TNA 1863 he appears as engraver, lithographer and copper-plate printer, but no mention is made of photography.) David Smith has discovered that, in 1859, William Law took the only known photograph of poet John Clare. Two copies carrying Clare's signature are known to survive: one of these is owned by Northampton Library, while the other was sold by auction in 2005 for L3,600.

LAW, William Wilby, & Son

49 Gold Street, Northampton
TN 1864, TNA 1864, TNA 1865, KN 1869, TNA 1869, TNA 1871, TNA 1872

12 Bridge Street, Northampton
WN 1874, KN 1877

Entered as ‘& Sons’ in TNA 1864. In KN 1890 and KN 1894, W W Law & Sons appear at 49 Gold Street as photo-lithographers. David Smith explains that William had four sons, including photographer Charles (see above), and Edward, who is known to have been an engraver.


21 Narrow Bridge Street, Northampton
KN 1864


22 Hood Street, Northampton
KN 1910, KN 1914, KN 1920


128 High Street, Rushden
KN 1920

‘M.P.P.A.’ (Member of the Professional Photographers’ Association) appears after his name.

LONDON & PROVINCIAL Photographic Co.

Wellingborough Road, Northampton
TC 1905/6


62 Abington Street, Northampton
WNN 1896

LUPSON, Frederick

14 Mare Fair, Northampton
WNN 1896

LUSH, Henry

52 Newland, Northampton
KN 1894, WNN 1896

LYNE, Edwin H B

Raunds, Thrapston
KN 1890, KN 1894, KN 1898, KN 1903, KN 1906

KN 1906 gives the address as Raunds, Wellingborough.


Market Place, Peterborough
KN 1910, TC 1918

Eastmid Studios, 5a Market Place
CAP 1912

See also the separate entry for the Eastmid Photography Studio.

MAJOR, William Henry

1 Acorn Cottages, Wharf Road
CAP 1912


Rushden, Higham Ferrers
KN 1864


6 New Road, Peterborough
TC 1911/12, TC 1918


Market Place, Oundle
KN 1894

Cathedral Gateway, Peterborough
KN 1894

Cathedral Studio, Market Place, Peterborough
COP 1894, CAP 1896

Market Place, Peterborough
KN 1898

Eastmid Studio, Market Place, Peterborough
CAP 1901

6 New Road, Peterborough
TC 1905/6, CAP 1907

The KN 1894 studios appear as separate, albeit consecutive, entries, so they could belong to two different photographers. The Cathedral Gateway and Cathedral Studio addresses very probably refer to the same premises. (Advertisements in COP 1894 and CAP 1896 give the address as ‘Cathedral Studio, Minster Gateway, Peterborough’.)TC 1905/6 adds ‘& Co’.

The full advertisement in CAP 1896 reads: ‘H Marriott, Photographic Artist, Cathedral Studio, Minster Gateway, Peterborough. H.M. respectfully solicits your patronage and at the same time guarantees excellent Likenesses with Modern and High-Class finish. H. M. personally attends all best work in Studio or Out-door. Portraiture, Groups, Animals, Architecture (Interior or Exterior). Enlargements – Bromide in Monochrome or Semi Tints, Carbon in Standard Brown, Engraving Black, Sepia, and Red Chalk. Old & faded copies reproduced & enlarged. Amateurs’ Negatives changed, developed, printed, finished or enlarged at Trade Prices. Specialite (sic): 6 Cabinets and 1 Panel (11 x 7) 10/6.’

See also the separate entry for the Eastmid Photography Studio.

MARTIN, George

52 Newland, Northampton
KN 1898

MARTIN, Gilbert

34, Newland, Northampton
KN 1903, TC 1905/6, KN 1906, LN 1906, LN 1907

MASON, Joseph Howkins

KN 1864, KN 1869, HN 1876, KN 1877, KN 1885, KN 1890, KN 1894, KN 1898

Market Place, Thrapston
WRN 1884

‘Artist, photographer, gilder, ornamental writer, heraldic painter, dealer in works of art and antiquity, broker &c’ in HN 1876. ‘Photographer & fine art dealer’ in WRN 1884. See, also, Joseph Mason, below.

MASON, Joseph

Bridge Street, Thrapston
WN 1874

See, also, J H Mason, above.


100 Midland Road, Wellinborough
KN 1894

MILLER, Joseph

Rothwell, Kettering
KN 1890, KN 1894, KN 1898, KN 1903

MILLER, Thomas

Midland Road, Wellingborough
KN 1869

14 Midland Road, Wellingborough
WN 1874, HN 1876, KN 1877

13 & 14 Midland Road, Wellingborough
WRN 1884, KN 1885

WRN 1884 adds ‘and artist’.


11 Gold Street, Northampton
KN 1906, LN 1906, LN 1907, KN 1910, TC 1911/12, KN 1914

10 St Giles’ Street, Northampton
TC 1918, KN 1920

LN 1906 and LN 1907 add ‘late Draycott Ltd’. TC 1918 adds ‘speciality –colour portraits’ and ‘Phone No. 674’.

MONSON, Charles

53 Leicester Road, Northampton
TN 1859

12 Bridge Street, Northampton
MN 1861, KN 1864, KN 1869

39 Overstone Road, Northampton
SN 1893

‘Artist, photographer and writing master’ in MN 1861. He is the youngest brother of Edward Monson below. (Heathcote notes that Charles, originally a painter, formed a photographic partnership with another brother, Philip [see below], in Hertford in 1853.) For an overview of the four Monson brothers, see separate studio note.

The 21-year gap between TNA 1872 (Mr & Mrs Monson, below) and SN 1893 appears, at first, surprising. But the 1881 census shows him as a widower, portrait painter and photographer in Belgrave, Leicestershire. That he subsequently returned to Northamptonshire is shown by his presence in Northampton in the 1891 census.

MONSON, Charles & Mrs

12 Bridge Street, Northampton
TN 1864, TNA 1864, TNA 1865, TNA 1869, TNA 1871, TNA 1872

Their advertisement in TNA 1869 reads: ‘Patronised by HTH the Prince of Wales. Mr & Mrs Monson. Artists of the Group taken by command at Althorp, during the visit of HRH the Prince of Wales. Cartes de Visite & large Photographs. First Quality. The new Cabinet Portraits taken at this Establishment are unrivalled for beauty of style and finish. 12 Bridge Street, Northampton, opposite the George Hotel.’ (See also Monson studio note.)

MONSON, Edward

Edward was the eldest of four photographer brothers. Heathcote records that he operated at Bridge Street, Northampton, in January and February 1854. He was born in Colchester in 1822. His earliest studios were in Essex and Cambridgeshire, and he went on to work in a number of Midlands towns before settling for a period in Cambridge.

MONSON, Philip

40 Newland, Northampton
TN 1859

See note to Charles Monson, above, and separate studio note. Advertisements in the 'Northampton Mercury' place him at Newland (number not given) as early as 1856. In June he was starting classes for photography, offering to make prints from other peoples' negatives, and promoting local photographic views. In July he was looking for an apprentice.

MOORE, Jonathan Reuben

15 Gold Street, Kettering
KN 1890

Rockingham Road, Kettering
KN 1890

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