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Directory of Early Photographers in Norfolk, C-D


CANNELL, Charles

Noted by Cory as practising near Thorpe Asylum, Norwich, c1865.

CARMAN, Philip

The only evidence for Carman comes from the 1901 census, when he was living in Friars’ Street Kings Lynn and described as a ‘publican and photographer’, aged 40, born Norwich. In the 1911 census he was still in Lynn, but he was described as a ‘scenic painter’.

CARR, George William

Guildhall Street, Thetford
HN1863, HN1868

Great Magdalen Street, Thetford

3 Magdalen Street, Thetford

Earl's Street, Thetford

Carr is also described as watchmaker in HN1863: watchmaker and jeweller in HN1868 and HN1872: watch and clock maker in HN1877.

CAVE, Herbert Thomas

5 Church Street, Dereham
KN1908, KN1912, KN1916

3 Church Street, Dereham
KN1908, KN1912

Market Place, Swaffham


Jeweller and optician of 11 St James’ Street, Kings Lynn, acting as agent for James Valentines ‘photographic views of Lynn and country’, c. 1890, (A Guide to Leading Commercial Enterprises of Norfolk & Suffolk, British Industrial Publishing Company, Birmingham, 1890).


Market Place, Downham
KN1912, KN1916



Manager of Brenner’s Bazaar (q.v.), 105 High Street, Kings Lynn, in the years immediately before the First World War. The shop, part of a small chain of bargain stores, sold postcards by such national publishers as Valentine, but Chaplin may also have commissioned and published some views (particularly of the docks) in his own right. He served and died in the First World War.

CHIC Photo Co

16 The Arcade, Marine Parade, Yarmouth
KN1904, KN1908

CHILDS & Curry

Golden Ball Street, Norwich
KN1858, HN1863, WN1868

CHURCH, Herbert S

KN1908, KN1912

King's Arms Street, North Walsham



CLAMP, Walter

Burnham Market
KN1896, KN1900, KN1904, KN1908, KN1912, KN1916

Burnham Westgate, Wells-next-the-Sea


7 Castle Street, Norwich
KN1896, KN1900, TC1901, KN1904

CLAXTON, William Henry

Princes Street, Norwich

COCKS, Edward John

KN1904, KN1908


White Horse Plain, Yarmouth


Recorded in the 1871 census as a photographer, aged 31, lodging at the Dog & Duck Inn, Pilot Street, Kings Lynn, he was probably either an itinerant or an employee in someone else’s studio. He may have been the same James Codman whose studio at White Horse Plain, Yarmouth was listed in KN1875. He is also likely to have been the James Codman, photographer, who died at Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, in 1879 (Chelmsford Chronicle, 22nd August 1879).

(An itinerant photographer named Rebecca Codman is noted on the Fairground Ancestors website as attending Elmham fair in 1871. She is believed to be the wife of James’ brother, John, who was also an itinerant photographer.)

CODMAN, Rebecca

An itinerant photographer, noted by Fairground Ancestors as attending Elmham fair in 1871, see above.

COE, A & E

32 London Street, Norwich

See also Albert E Coe, below.

COE, Albert Edward

32 London Street, Norwich
WN1883, KN1888, WN1890, KN1892, KN1896, KN1900, TC1901, KN1904, KN1908, JN1911, KN1912, JN1914. KN1916

Listed as A E Coe & Son, 1908-1916. But see also A & E Coe, above.

Albert Coe began his studio career working for Sawyer and Bird. For some time he made a practice of drawing attention to his predecessors at the London Street studio: ‘Albert E Coe, late Sawyer & Bird’ appears on his mounts at least as late as 1891. (By 1894, reference to Sawyer & Bird seems to have been dropped.)

The firm of A E Coe remained in business at 13a Castle Meadow until 2003, when a merger produced Barrett & Coe. A move to new premises followed in 2008.

COE, John

Known only from a report of a break-in at his studio in Mere Street, Diss ('The Norfolk News', 6th October 1866).

COEN, A, & Son

A cabinet print from the 1890s has an almost illegible address that appears to be ‘London Road, Norwich’. A link would seem possible with one of the Coen entries below.

COEN, Albert

94 Bury Street, Norwich
TC1901, AN1916

May be the same as Albert W Coen, below. Described in TC1901 as 'also artist'.

COEN, Albert Benjamin

43 Dereham Road, Norwich

127 Dereham Road, Norwich

Listed as Albert in 1890 and Albert Benjamin in 1892.

COEN, Albert W

129 Cambridge Street, Norwich
KN1904, KN1908, KN1912

Cory gives 1896 as the earliest example of this address.


Dereham Road, Norwich

Cory lists him as late as 1872.


Rampant Horse Street, Norwich


Listed by Cory at 1 Queen Street, Norwich, c1886.


Daguerreotypist operating 'at the back of Mr Crowe's cabinet warwehouse', St Stephen's Street, Norwich, according to 'The Norfolk Chronicle' of 10th January 1852.

COSSER, George Whitfield, & Co

60 High Street, Lynn

Hampshire-born George Cosser settled in Essex, ran a studio in Colchester, and established branches in Ipswich, Devizes and Lynn. He took on the Lynn studio after T Smith & Son (q.v.) gave it up in 1911. By May 1915 the premises had passed to Leopold Vilenkin (q.v.) Linda King draws attention to a further studio in Bath, mentioned on a mount dating from about 1912. According to a 1908 copyright registration with Stationers' Hall, Cosser also had a studio in Devizes, Wiltshire, where the manager was Horace Edmonds. Cosser’s postcards tend to list all his studios on the back, which can make it difficult to identify photographs taken in King’s Lynn.

COX, Robert

36 Earlham Road, Norwich

CREAK, Reginald B

Victoria Road, Diss

Denmark Street, Diss

CREWS, William, Worts &

(For evidence of Crews working alone, see the Suffolk directory.) An itinerant photographer – probably a daguerreotypist. Crews claimed to have worked in one of Richard Beard’s London studios. He had been working alone in Bungay in 1853, but by February 1854 he had formed a partnership with Worts (first name unknown). An advertisement in the Lynn Independent Press, 21st February 1854, shows Worts & Crews in town for the annual Mart. Crews ran a studio in Camden Town, St Pancras, in the first half of the 1860s, and he died in Watford in 1882.

CROWE, Henry

Thoroughfare, Harleston




St Benedict's Gates, Norwich
WN1864, KN1865, HN1868, KN1869, HN1872, KN1875, HN1877, KN1879, HAM1879

St Benedict’s Street, Norwich

The two slightly different addresses may both refer to the same premises.

CURRY, Childs &

Golden Ball Street, Norwich
KN1858, HN1863, WN1864


Market Street, Wymondham

DAVIES, Hogan &

Marine Parade, Gorleston

40 & 41 Arcade, Yarmouth

DAY, Ernest A, & Co

2a Davey Place, Norwich

92 & 93 Regent Road, Yarmouth

Davey Place, Norwich, and 92 Regent Road, Yarmouth

A cabinet print from 2a Davey Place shows costume that appears to date from the second half of the 1890s. TC1901 gives his initials as 'A E'. (Regent Road studios)

DELANEY, Herbert, & Co

St Stephen's Road, Norwich

DENEW, William James

St Stephen's Road, Norwich

1842-1919. Everitt records that Denew's father ran a stationer's, printer's and bookseller's business with a shop in Regent Street, Yarmouth, and a printing office in Row 72, Hall Quay. As well as contributing photographs to local exhibitions, Denew sold his local views in the family shop.

See studio note for his address in 1897.


Botolph Street, Norwich


Daughter of William Sothern and Sarah Dexter (q.v.). In the 1871 census she was described as ‘Photographer, aged 21’, assisting in her parents’ studio in Blackfriars Street, Kings Lynn. She married and left the family home towards the end of 1872.

DEXTER, Irving

A son of Walter Sothern Dexter, he worked in the family shop in Lynn, but perhaps only on the fancy goods side of the business. (The 1901 census described him as a ‘stationer’ at the family’s High Street studio and shop.) By 1911 he was working as a ‘journalistic photographer’, based at the family’s Felixstowe studio, and specialising in press photography.


‘Photographer’ in the studio of his father, Walter Sothern Dexter, in the 1901 census. By the time of the 1911 census he had moved to Wandsworth and was described as an ‘illustrator of works and painter of pictures’.

DEXTER, & Son(s)

See, below, William Dexter in the 1870s and Walter Dexter in the early 20th century.

DEXTER, Mr & Mrs (William Sothern and Sarah)


Regent Street, Lynn

DEXTER, William Sothern

Regent Street, Lynn
KN1858, KN1865

Regent Street, Lynn

Blackfriars Street, Lynn
HN1868, KN1869*, HN1872*, KN1875*, HN1877*, KN1879, KN1883

*Listed as ‘William Sothern Dexter & Sons’, 1869 and 1875, and as ‘Dexter & Sons’, 1872 and 1877.

William Sothern Dexter and Sarah Dexter established their first studio at 2 Regent Street in about 1853, though it first appeared in a trade directory for 1858. They were there until 1865, sometimes listed in directories under her name, sometimes under his. Carte mounts from Regent Street tend to bear the name ‘William Dexter’. In press advertisements of the early years, however, it was her name that was more commonly used, and the studio was often referred to as Mrs Dexter’s Likeness Rooms or Mrs Dexter’s Photographic Rooms.

In 1865 William and Sarah moved to a new studio (originally the town’s first Methodist Chapel), in Athenaeum Parade. This was technically in North Clough Lane, but was usually referred to as being part of Blackfriars Street. Carte mounts from the early years at Athenaeum Parade tend to refer to the business as ‘Mr & Mrs Dexter’. In 1869 they started using the title ‘Dexter & Son’ (their eldest son, William John, having been taken into the business), and then, in 1870, the involvement of their next son, Walter Sothern, was marked by a change to ‘Dexter & Sons’. (These stages in development of the business name are taken from press advertisements. An 1869 trade directory, however, had ‘& Sons’. Carte mounts also tend to bear the trading name of Messrs Dexter & Sons.)  In 1872 the younger William set up in business as a poulterer, though he may still have helped in the studio, and by 1876, Walter Sothern had left home and was running his own studio in Wellingborough.

William Sothern and Sarah retired in 1881, when Walter Sothern returned from Wellingborough to take charge of the Athenaeum Parade studio.


Regent Street, Lynn

Advertisements in her name appeared in the Lynn press from 11th April 1863 ('Mrs Dexter's Photographic Rooms, 2 Regent Street, St James' Street') until the move of studio in July 1865.

DEXTER, Walter Sothern

Blackfriars Street, Lynn
WN1883, KN1888, KN1892

High Street, Lynn
KN1896, KN1900, TL1901*, KN1904*

23 High Street, Lynn

*Listed ‘& Son’, 1901, and ‘& Sons’, 1904.

(For his earlier photographic career, see his entry in the Northamptonshire directory.) Listed as Dexter & Son, TL1901, Walter S Dexter & Son, TC1901, and Walter Sothern Dexter & Sons, 1904. Carte mounts, apparently dating from the 1890s, have ‘Dexter, 23 to 26 High Street, King's Lynn’. A firm referred to as ‘Dexter & Dexter’ and ‘Dexter & Sons’ is recorded in Felixstowe, Suffolk, 1907-1909.

Walter Sothern Dexter was helping in the studio of his parents, William Sothern and Sarah, by 1870, and he had moved to Wellingborough to run his own studio by 1876. When his parents retired in 1881, he returned to Lynn to take charge of the Athenaeum Parade studio. In 1889 he moved the fancy goods side of the business to 109 High Street, but the photographic studio continued to operate in Athenaeum Parade. In 1890 he broke with the tradition of identifying the studio as being ‘opposite the Athenaeum’ (which had, perhaps lost some prestige since the Post Office took over a large part of the building in 1883) and henceforth referred to the business as being in ‘Blackfriars Street, Lynn (Near the Post Office)‘. In 1895 he consolidated both sides of his business at 23-26 High Street.

Walter Sothern Dexter gave up his High Street Studio in late 1905 or early 1906, when W H Smith took over the premises. By 1907 he had moved to Felixstowe, where he set up a new studio.

DEXTER, William John

Older son of William Sothern and Sarah Dexter. Formally taken into the family business in 1869, and listed as ‘photographer’ in the 1871 census. In 1872 he set up as a poulterer at the Athenaeum Parade address, but he continued (or returned) to help in the studio, and was identified as ‘photographer’ in the 1881 census.

DEXTER, William Sothern

Regent Street, Lynn
KN1858, KN1865

2 Regent Street, Lynn

Blackfriars Street, Lynn
HN1868, KN1869, HN1872, KN1875, HN1877, KN1879, KN1883

The Dexter family had photographic studios in Lynn for over 50 years. The business was founded by William Sothern and Sarah Dexter in about 1853. It passed, when they retired in 1881, to their son, Walter Sothern Dexter, who remained active in Lynn until 1905/6. Several members of the family worked in the Dexter studios over the years. See individual entries, below, for more details.

Listed as ‘William Sothern Dexter & Sons’, 1869 and 1875, and as ‘Dexter & Sons’, 1872 and 1877. A Dexter & Sons carte mount of the (perhaps early) 1880s has the address: Athenaeum Parade, Lynn.

William S Dexter, born 1818/19 (1881 census), was father to Walter S Dexter, b1851/2, above. Another son, William John, b1847/8, was also a photographer, and was apparently working in the family business in 1881.

(For a non-family employee, see Spanton, Fredrick.)


134a King Street, Yarmouth

134a Regent Road, Yarmouth

Mirror Studios 134a King Street, Yarmouth

The Mirror Studios’ entry has the names of Dinsdale & Laxon in brackets before the address. This reference may indicate a renewal of the partnership, or it may be a way of identifying the site and promoting a sense of continuity after Dinsdale had branched out on his own. For their later careers, see the individual entry for each of the partners. (King Street studios)


157 King Street, Yarmouth
KY1913/14, KY1915/16, KN1916

(King Street studios)

DRAKE, Lewis

Recorded in the 1891 census as a photographer, aged 26, boarding in St Nicholas Street, King's Lynn. Possibly an itinerant or an employee in someone else's studio.

DOBSON, Sylvester

21a Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

DOE, Charles

Tarling, Thetford
KN1888, KN1892

‘Tarling’ looks suspiciously like a misprint for ‘Harling’.

DON, The

Apparently the trading name of Frederick, Naomi and Percival Wright of 7 Broad Street. The Don is not mentioned in trade directories, but pictures labelled ‘The Don’, and (sometimes) bearing the 7 Broad Street address, clearly date from the years when trade directories show the Wright family operating there. For more information, see ‘Wright, Frederick, Naomi and Percival’.

DRAKE, Lewis

Recorded in the 1891 census as a photographer, aged 26, boarding in St Nicholas Street. King’s Lynn. He was presumably an itinerant or an employee in someone else’s studio.

DYERS, Thomas

Regent Road, Yarmouth

This is the only record of Thomas Dyers, while Thomas Ayers goes unexpectedly unrecorded in W1854. ‘Dyers’ may, therefore, be a misprint for ‘Ayers’.

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