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Directory of Early Photographers in Norfolk, K - M


KELF, Walter

89 Regent Road, Yarmouth
KN1912, KY1913/14, KY1915/16, KN1916, AN1916

KELLY, George

Assistant to Professor Laurence (q. v.) and believed to have been with him at the Mart in 1862.


Messrs Kerry worked briefly in Lynn during August and (probably) September1851, according to a press advertisement of 30th August 1851. A second visit is possible, since Henry J Hillen, in his 'History of the Borough of King's Lynn' (1907), mentions that they operated as photographers in the town in 1852. But he may be misremembering the date. They seem likely to be the R & W Kerry noted by Heathcote, who were itinerant silhouettists and portrait painters in the 1840s, and who appeared as (apparently) calotype photographers in Leamington Spa in 1853.


Jeary's Photographic Rooms, Exchange Street, Norwich

KING, Harry R

136 St Benedict's Street, Norwich

KING, Isabella

Sister-in-law of Thomas Ayers (q.v.). She was living with the Ayers family in 1861, when she was described as a 'photographic artist'.

KING, Joseph

78 Edinburgh Road, Norwich

KING'S LYNN Photographic Co., (Christopher Wallis, manager)

4 London Road, Lynn

This was the former studio of Edwin Bullock, acquired by Wallis & Manders (q.v.) in November 1877, rebranded, and run under the management of Wallis as an up-market branch of their Blackfriars Street Studio. Manders (q.v.) had moved on by the beginning of 1881, and Wallis (q.v.) left the town a few months later. By July 1881 the premises had been taken over by Edwin Mowll.


3 Rose Lane, Norwich


Known only from a carte de visite, found by Paul Godfrey, from the studio of 'A. Last, Albion Road, Gt. Yarmouth'. The carte appears to date from the 1890s or early 20th century and could possibly represent the earlier work of Norwich photographer Alfred R G Last, below.

LAST, Alfred R G

7 St Gregory's Alley, Norwich
KN1908, JN1911, KN1912, JN1914, KN1916


Itinerant photographer, believed to have been present at the Mart, Kings Lynn in 1862.

LAXON, Dinsdale &

134a King Street, Yarmouth

AN1916 records ‘Mirror Studio (Dinsdale & Laxon), 134a King Street, Yarmouth’. But Albert Dinsdale was working separately at 157 King Street by KY1913/14, while Laxon continued at number 134a (see below). The reference in AN1916 may be to identify the studio – as in ‘late Dinsdale & Laxon’ – rather than evidence of a resumed partnership. Alternatively, it may suggest that by 1916 the pair were, between them, running a small chain of studios.

In KN1912 Dinsdale & Laxon are listed at 134a Regent Road Yarmouth. This is a 1911/12 mistake for 134a King Street, Yarmouth.


134a King Street, Yarmouth
KY1913/14, KY1915/16, KN1916

(King Street studios)

LEE, William

6 Providence Place, (Russell Road,) Yarmouth
HN1863, CY1863

Providence Place, Yarmouth

80 Regent Road, Yarmouth
HN1868, MS1868, KN1869

Regent Road, Yarmouth
HN1872, HN1877

69 Regent Road, Yarmouth
GY1874, KN1875, SYc1878, KN1879

HN1877 presumably refers to the studio at number 69, but HN1872 could refer to either of the Regent Road premises. SYc1878 also records William Lee at Bedford Place, St Nicholas Road, Yarmouth, but this may be a home rather than a studio address.

LEGOOD, Jeremiah

High Street, Gorleston
SYcirca1878, KN1879, KN1883, WN1883, WS1885

Ferry Lane, Southtown, Yarmouth
KN1892, KN1896, KN1900

Note: Gorleston was a Suffolk parish until the early 1800s when it became a part of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. We have therefore included Gorleston photographers in both county listings.


6 Pier Cliff Terrace, Gorleston

Cliff Hill, Gorleston

WS1892 misspells his name as 'Liffin'. Paul Godfrey reports that a large display frame of Liffen's work was on show at a Gorleston barber's shop for many years. The contents of the frame showed Liffen as a recorder of local life as well as a studio photographer, and the probable date of some pictures suggests he was still active at the end of the century. He was a shoe- and boot-maker before taking up professional photography, and he ran a tobacconist's shop in later years. Liffen was born in Great Yarmouth in 1865 and died in Gorleston in 1937.

Note: Gorleston was a Suffolk parish until the early 1800s when it became a part of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. We have therefore included Gorleston photographers in both county listings.


A short-lived enterprise discovered by photographic historian Paul Godfrey, and also referred to as Louis Smith & Co. It was a partnership formed by Percy John Swain (q.v.) and Louis Smith (q.v.), and it was active in Orford Place, Norwich, from September to December 1907.

LINAY, Thomas

Recorded by the 1871 census as a photographer's assistant, aged 37, living in Blackfriars Street, King's Lynn. It is not known in which studio he was employed.


A Yarmouth beach photographer, 'Little Bill, the Postcard King' had a studio at 4 South Market Road, next to the Britannia Pier, shortly after (and possibly shortly before) the First World War. Paul Godfrey has identified him as William Martin and has provided further information about him.

William was born in Birmingham in about 1884 to Frederick and Mary Ann Martin. By 1901 Frederick was an innkeeper at the Canterbury Inn, Yarmouth, and his son, 'Willie', aged 17, was a 'photographic artist'. William has not been conclusively located in the 1911 census, but he may be the William Martin, aged 27, who was boarding in Holt Street, Wrexham. His wife was Mary Martin, aged 29, born in Great Yarmouth. The couple were recorded initially as 'fair people' and, after this description had been crossed out, as 'showmen'. (Paul points out that itinerant photographers were often to be found at fairgrounds,) By 1920, William was back in Yarmouth and recorded as renting a photographer's pitch - at a price that had been increased from 12/6d to 13/6d a week - under the Britannia Pier. His address was given as 4 South Market Street.

LOCK, William M

117 Norfolk Street, Lynn

Identified as photographer in the 1901 census, living on the premises of his father, also William, a fruit and fish seller.


Yarmouth photographer. Paul Godfrey has discovered that he married Elizabeth Miller, widow of Wallace (both q.v.) in 1896 and was described as 'photographic artist' in 1891 and 'photographer and art dealer' in 1901. It seems that the business continued to be run under the name of Miller.


Logsdail was born in Lincoln in 1857, qualified as a chemist in his early twenties, and took over the chemist’s shop at 69 High Street Kings Lynn in the late 1880s. In the early 1900s, with the rise of the postcard, he saw the opportunities offered by photographic publishing. It is not clear whether he took all of his own pictures or whether he employed others to take some. Either way, whether as photographer or commissioner of photographs, his output was enterprising, extensive and varied. He was active from, at the latest, 1906. Though his chemist’s shop lasted until the 1930s, it is not clear how long he continued as a photographic publisher. (The Norfolk Library and Information Service records him as most active in photography c.1900-1910 and still publishing well into the 1920s.) No evidence has yet been found, though, of a Logsdail portrait studio.



LONDON Photographic Co., (Charles Green, manager)

182 King Street, Yarmouth

(King Street studios)


See Lightning Speed Photography Gallery, above.

MACE & Mase

Church Street, Mount Street, Cromer
KN1896, KN1900

This firm may be connected with Mace Brothers and Herbert Mace, below. ‘Mace & Mase of Cromer’ has been found on photographic mounts dating from August 1896 and from the early 1900s, which undermines any suggestion that ‘Mase’ is a directory misprint for ‘Mace’.

MACE Brothers

Esplanade Studio, Hunstanton
KN1888, KN1892, KN1896


Garden Street, Cromer

MACE, Augustus


Listed by Dimond as photographing Queen Alexandra (date unknown).

MACE, Herbert

Middleton Terrace, Hunstanton

Church Street, Cromer
KN1892, KN1904

According to Savin & Holden, Mace operated from a caravan on Cromer Beach around or before 1880. A while later, he also set up a camera obscura near the beach. His Church Street studio, Balcony House, was purpose-built for his photography business.


Esplanade Studio, Hunstanton
KN1900, KN1904, KN1908

KN1904, KN1908, KN1912

MACK, Thomas
Church Street, Cromer
WN1883, WN1890, KN1900

Hamilton Road, Cromer
KN1888, KN1892, KN1896, KN1900, KN1904, KN1908

High Street, Cromer

Referred to as Thomas Mack in directories up to and including 1890, and as Tom Mack thereafter.

Mack was also a jet cutter and optician, and Savin & Holden add bookseller, newsagent and watchmaker to the list. They recall that he billed his photographic business as: 'Photographic Portrait & Landscape Artist. Shop Church Street, Studio Hamilton Road'.

A photograph in Hepworth of Church Street, Cromer, dated 1900, shows two women looking into the shop front of Mack's two-storey premises. Front and side windows and front display panels are all full of examples of his photographs. The main sign, however, over the front of the studio, emphasises that he is an optician offering ‘glasses to suit’.

MACKIE, John James

70 Regent Road, Yarmouth

Regent Road, Yarmouth

His bankruptcy was noted in 'The Norfolk News', 12th November 1864.


There seem to be no useful clues to be derived from the choice between ‘Mc’ and ‘Mac’, and the spelling may sometimes reflect the typesetter’s usage rather than the owner’s preference. For what it’s worth, the original source's spelling has been preserved for each individual, with ‘M(a)cLean’ recorded in cases where usage varied.


'A photographer lodging at the Bull Inn', Fakenham. 'The Norfolk News', 2nd June 1866, reported that his bed caught fire and that his hands were seriously burnt in extinguishing the flames. It seems possible that he could be the same as George McLean of Fakenham, below.

MacLEAN, Misses Blanche & Mildred

Market Place, North Walsham

McLEAN, George

'The Norfolk News', 4th May, 1867, carried a report of 'George McLean, of Fakenham, photographer', being fined for assaulting Edward Seppings, a Fakenham butcher.

McLEAN, George

Market Street, North Walsham
HN1872, HN1877

North Walsham

Market Place, North Walsham

McLean originated from Cambridgeshire. He is described as combining his photographer’s studio with a ‘fancy repository’ in HN1872 and HN1877.

M(a)cLEAN, Mrs Jane

Market Place, North Walsham
KN1883, KN1888, WN1890, KN1892

A carte mount of the late 80s or early 90s says that J MacLean specialises in ‘Large Groups and All branches of outdoor Photography’.

MacLEAN, Lawrence George

Market Place, North Walsham
KN1900. KN1904, KN1908, KN1912, KN1916, AN1916

M(a)cLEAN, William

Near the railway station, Hunstanton
HN1868, HN1872, HN1877

KN1869, KN 1875, KN1879, KN1883, KN1888, KN1892, KN1896

Beach Terrace, Hunstanton

Beach Place, Hunstanton

Beech Road, Hunstanton

Beech Road, Hunstanton

The earliest record of him is an advertisement in the 'Lynn Advertiser', 23rd June 1866. The listing in KN1896 (only) is of 'William MacLean senior', so a second practitioner may remain unidentified among these entries. (Census returns provide no clarification.) HN1868 describes M(a)cLean as photographer and artist'. It seems possible that TC1901 offers a misspelling of 'Beach'.

MAHOMET, Albert John

Theatre Road, Wells
KN1896, KN1900, KN1904

A cabinet print dating from the late 1890s, or (possibly) early 1900s, refers to studios in both Theatre Road and Freeman Street. Mahomet also published, during the early 1900s, a series of postcards entitled ‘Pretty Places’. For further information about his remarkable life, see separate studio note.


146 Victoria Road, Diss

This appears to be Archie Donald Maling (born in Diss 1880/1), who was working in Nottinghamshire in 1901, but who was back in his native area by the time of the 1911 census. See also Malins, below.


Victoria Road, Diss

This seems to be a misprint for Maling, above. No A D Malins has been found in the 1901 or 1911 census.


Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

The full address was 18 Prince of Wales Road, according to cabinet prints, including one dated 1907.


The son of London photographer, Frederick Manders. At some point after Frederick died in 1868, Victor and his younger brother, Arthur, were taken in by their uncle, William Woodhouse (q.v.), with whom they were living by the time of the 1871 census. When Woodhouse retired from photography in 1876, Victor Manders and Christopher Wallis (q.v.) took over his studio. (For information on their joint career, see Wallis & Manders.) Manders left Lynn between 1879 and early 1881. He ran a studio in Walthamstow for much of the 1880s.

MANDERS, Wallis &

Blackfriars Street, Lynn
HN1877, KN1879

They opened for business on 1st January 1877. KN1879 has the spelling ‘Walles’, and 'Blackfriars Street' is also a directory error: the studio was in Blackfriars Road.

MANN & Adcock

6 Upper St Giles Street, Norwich
WN1883, EN1883

E D Adcock is recorded alone at this address, KN1883.

MANN, James

Pottergate Street West, Norwich
HN1863, WN1864

6 Upper St Giles Street, Norwich
HN1865, MN1867, HN1868, KN1869, HN1872, HN1877, CLN1877

Upper St Giles Street, Norwich
KN1875, KN1879, HAM1879

A slightly shortened version of the street name was also in common use, as shown on a James Mann carte from (probably) the end of the 1870s: this gives the address as ‘6 Upper Giles Street’.

Cory notes that a J Mann was chief photographer at Jeary’s Photographic Rooms, Norwich, in the early 1860s. In CLN1877 Mann advertised himself as a licensee of the autotype process (see Sawyer & Bird). At that time he was pricing his cartes de visite at 6/- a dozen.


Heathcote places Manning in Surrey Street, Norwich, 1850.


65 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich
KN1900, TC1901, KN1904, KN1908, JN1911, KN1912, JN1914, KN1916, AN1916


Martin was a London wood engraver whose 1892 holiday photographs of the Yarmouth area have become well known. He later became a professional photographer.

MARTIN, William

Believed to be the Yarmouth beach photographer who traded as 'Little Bill, the Postcard King' in the years just before and/or after the First World War. See 'Little Bill' for details.

MASE, Mace &

Church Street, Mount Street, Cromer
KN1896, KN1900

MASON, George

See Gainsboro’ Photo Co.

MASON, Herbert

Son of Walter Edward Mason (below). Paul Godfrey reports that Herbert learnt his trade in his father's Yarmouth studio, and that he went on to become the press photographer who took the famous picture of St Paul's Cathedral surrounded by smoke and flames, which appeared in the Daily Mail' on 21st December 1940.

MASON, Robert Hindry

20 St Giles Street, Norwich
KN1865, MN1867

22 St Giles Street, Norwich

Active by 1864. Paul Womack draws attention to an advertisement in 'The Norfolk Chronicle', 23rd July 1864, in which Mason listed his series of cartes de visite of the clergy of the diocese of Norwich. This advertisement gives three studio addresses: 20 St Giles Street, Norwich; 7 Amen Corner, London; and 9 Promenade Villas, Cheltenham. The Norwich business is referred to in 'The Norfolk Chronicle' and in MN1867 as Mason & Co. KN1865 mentions a studio at 28 Old Bond Street, London, and Pritchard shows Mason at this address from 1865 to1874. The Cheltenham studio (recorded as Mason & Co at 9a Promenade Villas) is recorded by Hallett and dated to 1865. Peter Klein points out that the HN1868 reference to Mason & Co at 22 St Giles Street is almost certainly a printing error. All Mason’s newspaper advertisements for 1868, as well as those of his successor, David Griffith(s), give number 20 as the correct address. For clarification of the various studio addresses, and for their use in dating photographs, see separate studio note.

In 1865 Mason published ‘Norfolk Photographically Illustrated', a collection of topographical and, especially, architectural studies.

MASON, Walter Edward

St Peter's Paved Row East, Yarmouth

20 St Peter's Row East, Yarmouth

12a Regent Road, Yarmouth
KN1912, KY1913/14

40 & 41 The Arcade, Marine Parade, Yarmouth
KN1912, KN1916

(Regent Road studios)

MASON, Messrs, & Co

'Photographers and Photographic Publishers of London', who announced in 'The Norfolk Chronicle', 3rd October 1863. their intention to 'remain in Norwich a few days longer at Yoxford House, St Stephen's Road'.


14 King Street, Yarmouth

This entry would appear to refer to Elizabeth Miller, below.

MILLER, Mrs Elizabeth

3 Exmouth Place, Albion Road, Yarmouth

14 King Street, Yarmouth
KN1888, WN1890, KN1896

116 Regent Road, Yarmouth

14a King Street, Yarmouth
KN1900, TC1901

Regent Road, Yarmouth

TC1901 adds 'also artists' colourman'. Photo-historian Paul Godfrey reports that, after the death of her husband, Wallace (below), she married John Lockwood (q.v.) in Great Yarmouth in 1886. Lockwood, he adds, is listed in 1891 and 1901 censuses as a photographer, presumably working in the Miller business. The Miller name, however, continued in use. Paul adds that the building at 14a King Street, originally occupied by Sawyer and Bird, still exists, though its north-light daylight studio has disappeared. See also the note under W R Miller, below. (Miller studios)


Daughter of Elizabeth, above, and Wallace, below. Paul Godfrey has found her working as 'photographer's assistant' (aged 25, and presumably in the family business) in the1901 census.

MILLER, Frederick W

Norwich Street, Fakenham



Miller also had a studio in Beccles, Suffolk, according to WS1892 and Kelly’s Suffolk 1892.

MILLER, Thomas J, junior

Norwich Street, Fakenham

MILLER, Wallace R

182 King Street, Yarmouth
KN1883, WN1883

One of Miller’s carte mounts records ‘10 years manager for Sawyer & Bird’. The King Street studio was formerly part of their business. (Miller studios). Paul Godfrey reports two W R Miller cartes, dating from the first half of the 1880s, and each bearing two Yarmouth addresses: 14 King Street and 182 King Street. It seems that, after Wallace's death, his widow, Elizabeth (see above) briefly carried on two studios, still operating under her husband's name, before settling to work under her own name at 14 King Street.

MIRROR Studio, (Dinsdale & Laxon)

134a King Street, Yarmouth

(King Street studios)

MOORE, George

Wymer Street West, Norwich
HN1863, WN1864, KN1869

Dereham Road, Norwich
MN1867, HN1868, KN1869, HN1872

MOORE, Raoul

18a Prince of Wales Road, Norwich
JN1914, KN1916


Found by Norfolk historian Christopher Pipe in Cromer in the 1871 census. He is listed as photographer and piano tuner.

MOWLE, Claude

Information from 'Water Marks', Ian Collins; Black Dog Books, 2010): Mowle (1871-1950) had a photographic studio in Gorleston in the early years of the 20th century. He also worked in partnership with Kenneth Luck (1873-1935), who was a Yarmouth pier-head painter, specialising in pictures of fishing vessels. Mowle took photographs which Luck then used as guides on which to base his paintings. On occasion Mowle projected lantern slides on to board or canvas, and marked in outlines of the boats for Luck to follow.

MOWLL, Edwin Balleshall

4 London Road, Lynn
WN1883, KN1883, KN1888

The spelling ‘Mowell’ is used in KN1888. After working as a photographer in London and Lancashire, Mowll took over the studio of the King’s Lynn Photographic Company (q.v.), where he was in business c1881-1888. He was succeeded by Charles Weale (q.v.). Mowll went on to run a successful Birmingham studio in the 1890s. By 1891 John H Hall was practising at this address, and his studio is identified as ‘late E B Mowell’ in LNA1892.

MUNDAY, Peter George

39 Jury Street, Yarmouth

A carte mount dating from c1871/2 shows Munday operating from an Attleborough studio. For his Hoxne studio, see the Suffolk directory.

MUNFORD, Miss Kate

Hackford, Norwich


27 St Giles Street, Norwich

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