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Directory of Early Photographers in Norfolk, N - R


NEAVE, William John

Neatishead, Norwich
KN1908, KN1912


Neve ran a Photographic Institute at St Stephen's Gates, Norwich. He is known from an ambrotype that appears to date from the late 1850s.

NEWMAN, George

45 Dereham Road, Norwich

Foundry Bridge, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

Cory notes a studio at 1 Queen Street, Norwich, 1889. He appears to be the Newman of 'Bond & Newman' (q.v.) and is probably also the same as George W Newman, below.

NEWMAN, George W

Manager at the Foundry Road, Norwich, studio of George Browne (q.v.) at some time in the 1880s. Quite possibly the same as George Newman, above.


Market Place, Fakenham
HN1868, KN1869, HN1872, KN1875

Nicholson is recorded as chemist, druggist and insurance agent at the same address in HN1863. He is described as chemist as well as photographer in HN1868 and HN1872. In HN1877 he is described as dispensing and agricultural chemist, tea dealer, oil merchant and dealer in photographic chemicals and apparatus – but no longer as a studio photographer.


Postcard photographer and publisher active in the early 1900s. (A shot of the opening of the Lynn Mart is dated 1906.) The identity of the photographer is not known.

NORWICH Photographic Co

Queen Street, Norwich
WN1883, KN1883, EN1883

Cory believes the company lasted from about 1881 until around 1886.

NURSE, William

Burnham Market
HN1863, HN1872, KN1875, HN1877, KN1879, WN1883, KN1883, KN1888

He is described as baker & photographer, HN1863, HN1872.

OGLEBY, Samuel

St Stephen's Gates, Norwich

Described as ‘photographic portrait painter’. Heathcote doesn’t record this studio, but it seems likely to be the same as Oglesby below.


An Eastern counties itinerant. 'The Norfolk News', 29th July 1854, refers to him working as a daguerreotypist in Thetford and says he has 'been long practising his art in Australia, and with much success'. According to Heathcote, he set up a Norwich studio in St Stephen’s Road (near the Norfolk & Norwich hospital) in 1854. Also from 'The Norfolk News': a mention that he exhibited at the Norwich School of Artsoirée on 23rd March 1856; and an announcement, on 21st June 1856, that his 'long stay' in Norwich would shortly be coming to an end.

He may have gone on to practise in the North of England before settling in Llandudno in the 1860s.See also Ogleby, above.

O’HANLON, Esther

Daughter of Rachel O’Hanlon (below), working as assistant in her mother’s studio in 1911.

O'HANLON, Mrs Rachael

108 Norfolk Street, Lynn

The widow of an Irish doctor, Mrs O’Hanlon had set up a studio in Lynn by the time of the 1911 census.


Castle Meadow & Westlegate, Norwich

ORIENT Art Co (Bert Armond Taylor, propr.)

Bridge Chambers, Southtown Road, Yarmouth

ORIENTAL Photo Co/ Studio

157 King Street, Yarmouth
KN1908, KN1912, AN1916

Listed as Oriental Photo Co in KN1908/KN1912 and as Oriental Studio in AN1916.

(King Street studios)


45 Southtown Road, Yarmouth
WN1890, KN1892

PARISIAN Art Photographic Co

31 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

A cabinet print from the 1890s gives the address as 74 King Street, Norwich. Cory records this as a short-lived studio, occupied after the one in Prince of Wales Road.


Paul Godfrey has found an advertisement by J W Pashley, chemist and photographer of Harleston, in the 'Norfolk News', 3rd April 1852. Pashley was looking for 'two or three respectable well-educated, Scientific Young Men who would undertake to travel with Daguerreotype and Calotype Apparatus, for taking Portraits and Views by the latest improvements.' If any such wished to join him in 'the above lucrative employment' and could invest £50-70, Pashley would undertake to 'make them perfect in the Art, and ... take an equal share of the risk'.

PEARSE, George S

Victoria Road, Diss
KN1908, KN1912


High Street, Dereham


See the entry for John Percy Swain, who was using John Percy as an alias, 1907/8.


Market Place, Swaffham
KN1904, KN1908. KN1912, KN1916

POLL Brothers

93 High Street, Gorleston
KN1904, IDT1906/7

Note: Gorleston was a Suffolk parish until the early 1800s when it became a part of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. We have therefore included Gorleston photographers in both county listings.

PORTER, Florence

Assistant of Jasper James Wright (q.v.) of King's Lynn. She is mentioned in the 1898-1900 diary of James Speight (q.v.), and is recorded in the 1901 census as a photographer living with her parents in Austin Street, King's Lynn.


Market Place, Holt


Market Place, Holt

New Street, Holt

PRICE, Alfred

26 King Street, Yarmouth
KN1888, WN1890, KN1892, KN1896

68 Southtown Road, Yarmouth

Paul Godfrey reports that, towards the end of his tenure of 26 King Street, Price employed Frank Sayers (q.v.) as manager. He was present at the Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom, 1897, but the studio appears, by that time, to have had Sayers' name above the door. (See also King Street studios).


103 High Street, Lynn

Originally a clock maker, Pridgeon briefly played host to the business of Oliver Sarony (q.v.), before setting himself up as Sarony's successor in March 1857 (Source: Lynn Advertiser). Dimond reports that, on 3rd April 1865 at Sandringham, Edward, Prince of Wales’ wrote, ‘We and the whole party were photographed (in a group) by Mr Pridgeon, a Lynn photographer and the result was satisfactory.’ A report in The London Standard of December 4th 1865 suggests there was a second such occasion towards the end of the year. The last definite record of him as a studio photographer dates from 1865, and he withdrew from photography at some point in the later 1860s. (A photograph by him was exhibited in the town in 1869, but that may not be evidence that he was still practising professionally.) He continued with his original lines of business for many years.

PRIEST, Ernest

Photographic historian Paul Godfrey has supplied details of Priest's career. A watchmaker from Leeds, he arrived in Norwich at the turn of the century. He ran an optician's business at 129 Magdalen Street (c1905-7) before opening a photographic studio at 21 Prince of Wales Road. He went on to become involved in the infant moving picture industry, spent time running a travelling show, and was a collaborator in the establishment of Norwich's first purpose-built cinema, which opened in October 1912.

Priest's portrait studio seems to have been short-lived, for the 'Edinburgh Gazette' of 2nd June 1908 reported the bankruptcy of "Alfred Ernest Priest, 21A Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, and residing at 51 Sprowston Road, Norwich, photographer".


Hired to help in the King's Lynn studio of Willliam Woodhouse (q.v.) from 1st January 1866, and billed as having London experience. Prout took over the Blackfriars Road premises in April 1866. Woodhouse reacquired the business in December 1867 or January !868. (Source: Lynn Advertiser). Prout remained for a while in Lynn, advertising himself as a ‘Professor of Languages’, before moving to Sussex, where, in 1871, he was pursuing a career as ‘Tutor (classical)’.

PURDY, Miss Amy Elizabeth

84 High Street, Lynn
KN1908, KN1912, KN1916, KN1922, KN1925*, KL1928, KN1929, KL1930/1†
* Also refers to 102 High Street
† Studio changed hands between the collection of information and the date of publication

Amy Purdy’s parents were a pharmaceutical chemist and the proprietress of a young ladies’ boarding school. In 1891, she was a ‘student of pharmacy, teacher of botany, chemistry, drawing, languages’ at her mother’s school in York. By 1901 the family had moved to Lynn, and Amy was working as a ‘photographic artist’. She may not have had her own studio at this time, but by1907 she was established at 84 Lynn High Street, where she continued to practise for over twenty years. In the mid-1920s she briefly took on a second studio at 102 High Street. In 1929 she retired abroad, and the studio at 84 High Street was bought at auction by her employee, Percival Goodchild (q.v.).

QUINTON, Benjamin J

Rose Lane, Norwich
HN1864, WN1864

Opie Street, Norwich
KN1865, MN1867, KN1869

Bank Street, Norwich

Fishgate Street, Norwich

QUINTON, Mrs Caroline

Barn Road, Norwich


Bank Street, Norwich

RALPH & Julyan

Partnership between Frederick Ralph (q.v.) & Frederick Julyan (q.v.) Their studio on St John’s Terrace is believed to have been active some time between 1895 and 1899.  No directory entries have been found, but in October 1897 they made a copyright application to Stationers’ Hall.

RALPH, Frederick

Victoria Cottage, Dersingham
KN1896, KN1900, KN1904, KN1908, KN1912, KN1916

The Esplanade, Hunstanton

High Road, Hunstanton


A 1906 cabinet print by F Ralph of Hunstanton records that the photographer is ‘by special appointment to HM the King’. Dimond explains that Ralph was Usher of the Servants’ Hall at Sandringham for nearly four decades, and that for the last few years of this time he combined the role with running a local photographic business. (Dimond believes the Hunstanton branch was established by 1892.) Ralph claimed, in a 1902 magazine interview, to have taught Princess (later Queen) Alexandra to take and process her own photos. Certainly she became a keen photographer and, though grander professional input may have been sought when she learnt the necessary skills, t seems quite possible that she profited from Ralph’s experience and advice.

See also Frederick William Ralph, below.

RALPH, Frederick William

Heacham Road, Hunstanton
KN1896, KN1900

High Road, Hunstanton

Southgate, Hunstanton

Described in the 1891 census as artist and photographer. Partner in Ralph & Julyan (below), St John’s Terrace – a business that was active some time between 1895 and 1899. Ralph was the older son of Frederick Ralph, studio photographer in Dersingham and Hunstanton and Usher to the Servants’ Hall at Sandringham. After working with his father, the younger Frederick ran his own studio in Hunstanton from about 1895 until at least 1904. For him, the Lynn partnership was effectively a branch studio.

RALPH, Walter

Cameo Studio, Dersingham
KN1912, KN1916, AN1916

Walter was the younger son of Frederick, above. He, too, started out in his father’s business before running his own studio.


Reference has been found to:
1) a postcard by F Randall, showing St Margaret’s Church, and posted 1918.
2) a photographer William Randall of South Lynn, date not known.


Tower Street, Lynn

Ray was the son of a Lynn porter and sugar-dealer, who made a brief trade directory appearance towards the end of the 1850s. There is no sign of his presence in the 1861 census.

READ, Alfred E

5 St Peter's Road, Yarmouth
KY1911/12, KY1912, KY1913/14, KY1915/16, KN1916

49 St Peter's Road, Yarmouth
KY1911/12, KN1912, KY1913/14, KY1915/16


21 Wensum Street, Norwich

This could possibly be a new branch of the business of Alfred E Read, above.

READWIN, George Francis

34 Knowsley Road, Norwich

131a Magdalen Street, Norwich
KN1900, TC1901

TC1901 identifies the Magdalen Street address as 'The County Stores' and offers 'photography at moderate prices'.

REEVE, Lewis

Junior assistant to Jasper Wright, mentioned in 1900 by James Speight (q.v.) and listed as photographic apprentice in the 1901 census. By 1911 he was running his own photographic business, working from his parents’ home in nearby Tilney All Saints.


Old Market Place, Harleston
KN1900, KN1904

REEVE, George R


Redenhall, Harleston

Old Market Place, Harleston

REEVE, Harry

Old Market Place, Harleston
KN1908, KN1912, KN1916

REID, Archibald Frederick

Staithe Street, Wells


Town Green, Wymondham


102 High Street, Lynn
KN1912, KN1916, AN1916

Reynolds worked in the town as a photographer for many years before running his own studio. He was born in Suffolk, the son of a fisherman, and by 1881 his widowed mother was working (possibly briefly) in photography. In 1891 William was in Lynn and working as a photographer’s assistant. His employer is not known, but it may have been John Smith, of T Smith & Son (q.v.), for whom he was certainly working by 1895. By 1908 (and probably some time before) he had become manager for Boughton & Sons (q.v,). He took over their High Street studio at a date somewhere between 1908 and 1911, and he continued operating there under his own name until about 1919, or perhaps a year or two later.


Recorded in the 1891 census as a photographer, aged 25, boarding in Friars Street, King’s Lynn. Either a travelling photographer or an employee (studio unknown).


In 1886 Robertson, of 14 Windsor Terrace, acted as agent and canvasser for, successively, A & G Taylor (q.v.) and T Smith & Sons (q.v.).  When working for Smith he collaborated with a Mr Thompson (q.v.). Both were disowned and replaced within months.

ROBINSON, Alfred John

Stratton St Mary, Long Stratton
KN1900, KN1904, KN1908, KN1912, KN1916


Regent Road, Yarmouth

(Regent Road studios)

ROGERS & Havers

Noted by Cory at 5 Davey Place, Norwich, 1859. Hepworth refers to the firm's advertisement in Roger's 1859 directory of Norwich. The business had closed by 29th December 1860, when, in 'The Norfolk News', J R Sawyer announced that he had bought out their entire stock. The 'Rogers' of this partnership seems likley to have been E D Rogers (below).

ROGERS, Alfred John

Church Street, Cromer
KN1912, KN1916


He announced, in 'The Norfolk Chronicle' of 11th October 1856, his intention of opening a studio in Earlham Road, opposite Earlham Terrace, Norwich, on 'Monday next' (i.e. 13th October). He continued to advertise this studio until at least the autumn of 1857.

ROSE, George A

34 Nelson Road North, Yarmouth
TC1901, KN1904

ROSE, George Albert

2 Bell's Road, Gorleston

The similarity of names suggests he could be the same as George A Rose, above, but the 14-year gap prompts separate entries.

ROSE, John

41a Exchange Street, Norwich

ROYAL, Walter James

West Street, Cromer
KN1912, KN1916

RUMBLE, Albert Ernest

Hilgay, Downham


93 High Street, Lynn

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