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Directory of Early Photographers in Rutland - E - Z


EDGSON, William

Recorded as photographer, aged15, in the 1901 census returns for Uppingham.


Melton Road, Oakham
TC 1911/12


Melton Road, Oakham
MO 1892, WHR 1893/4, WRL 1894, KR 1895, MO 1896, KR 1899, WHR 1899, WRR 1899, MO 1899, KR 1904, MO 1904, MO 1905, TC 1905/6, MO 1907, MO 1909, MO 1912, MO 1914, MO 1921

‘Bootmaker, musician and dealer, and photographer’ (WHR 1893/4, WHR 1899). The musical side of the business included the selling of sheet music, instruments and gramophones, and piano lessons were offered by Miss Ellingworth. In MO 1904 Ellingworth draws attention to his move to a new studio, two doors away from the old one, and refers to having worked at the first address for fourteen years (which would give a start-up date of c1890). Trade directory entries for Ellingworth are, unfortunately, silent on the subject of house numbers. Information from a series of his advertisements is given in a separate studio note.

According to The Grantham Journal of 13th April 1895, Ellingworth was summoned earlier in the month to photograph the Prince of Wales and his party, during their stay at Barleythorpe Hall.

He placed the following notice in The Grantham Journal, 10th December 1898: 'I have an enemy who amuses himself by Writing Anonymous Letters to my Customers concerning Me and my Business. Anyone receiving such Letters will do me a great kindness if they will let me know. The latest one received is on View in my Window. Hy. Ellingworth, Music Seller & Photographer, Melton Road, Oakham.'

Traylen records that Ellingworth also served as Oakham’s town crier (a fact referred to in advertisements in MO 1905 and MO 1907). It appears that successive members of Ellingworth family held the post from the late eighteenth century until 1938. It also appears that Harry Ellingworth was more noted locally for his volume than for his intelligibility.

GERMAN, Thomas

Melton Road, Oakham
WHR 1893/4, WRL 1894, KR 1895, KR 1899, WHR 1899, WRR 1899, MO 1899, BEL 1902, MO 1902, KR 1904

J German of Melton Road, Oakham, is listed under businesses by BER 1888, but the type of business is not specified. A family link with Thomas seems likely, but the line of business may have been different.

WHR 1893/4 adds: ‘agent to Singer Manufacturing Co.’ BEL 1902 adds: ‘Sewing machine mechanic & photographer, Melton Road Studio. Sewing machines repaired and adjusted. Portraits taken in any weather.’ His advertisement in MO 1902 expands a little on this: ‘All kinds of sewing machines repaired and adjusted. High-class portraits taken in any weather at very moderate charges.’

GIBSON, Hutton

Shown as photographic artist, aged 31, in the 1861 census returns for Oakham.


Shown as photographer, born 1883/4, in the 1901 and 1911 census returns for Uppingham.


Hallaton, Uppingham
WRR 1899


36 Melton Road, Oakham
MO 1923, MO 1924

‘& Son’ in MO 1924, which also refers to a studio in Burton Street, Melton Mowbray. For earlier Heawood studios, which may possibly relate to the same family, see the Leicestershire studio directory.

HOLT, Horace Parr

High Street, Oakham
MO 1896, MO 1897, MO 1898, KR 1899, WRR 1899, WHR 1899, MO 1899, KR 1904

Church Street, Oakham
MO 1905, TC 1905/6, MO 1907, TC 1911/12

Born, according to census returns for 1901 and 1911, in1865/6. His move of studio is featured in MO 1905: ‘H P Holt, the only practical Photographer in Oakham & District, begs to inform his numerous Customers and the Public generally that he has removed from High Street to Mr T Peasgood’s in Church Street.’


Whissendine, Oakham
WRL 1894


High Street, Oakham
MO 1892, MO 1893, MO 1894, MO 1895

In theory, the later listings seem likely to refer to Arthur, while the earlier ones could relate to either Alfred or Arthur (both below). But it's also possible that there was only one A L Knighten, and that his first name has been the subject of directory error.

In July 1895 Knighten's stock of negatives passed into the ownership of H Munday (q.v.) - perhaps after a short period when Knighten's business was managed by Clara Knighten (below).


High Street, Oakham
KR 1891

KNIGHTEN, Arthur Lionel

High Street, Oakham
WHR 1893/4, WRL 1894

Described in WHR 1893/4 as ‘hairdresser, tobacconist & photographer’.


High Street, Oakham
KR 1895

MAIN, James

Hallaton, Uppingham
KR 1876, WHR 1877


Burley Road, Oakham
MO 1896

He is also identified in MO 1893 and MO 1896 as a dealer in musical instruments. On 27th July 1895 The Oakham and Uppingham Journal announced that H Munday (of Munday's Portrait Rooms, Burley Road) had acquired the entire negative stock of A L Knighten (above).

NIXON, Thomas

Shown as a photographer, aged 53, in the 1891 census returns for Oakham.

STOCKS, William Joseph White

Leamington Terrace, Uppingham
KR 1888

High Street, Uppingham WHR 1893/4, WRL 1894, KR 1891, KR 1895, KR 1899, WRR 1899, WHR 1899, BEL 1902, MO 1903, KR 1904, TC 1905/6, KR 1908, TC 1911/12. KR 1912, KR 1916, TC 1918

Born in 1865/6, according to the 1891 census. BEL 1902 adds: ‘Portrait, group and landscape photographer & picture frame maker, etc. Dealer in photographic apparatus and materials.’ His advertisement in MO 1903 (which also refers to a studio in Maiden Lane, Stamford) comments that ‘a good portrait is always appreciated by our friends’ and explains that ‘his studios are arranged to give the best lighting and modelling to the photographs, which, together with careful posing and finishing, go to produce a lifelike portrait.’ It ends: ‘All kinds of outdoor photography, groups, animals, &c, taken by appointment.’

In KR 1908 & KR1912 Stocks is listed separately under both ‘Photographers’ and ‘Photographic apparatus and materials dealers’.


Noted by Heathcote as operating a studio at an unknown Oakham address in December 1854. This followed a visit to Melton Mowbray earlier in the year and preceded a brief spell in Leicester at the beginning of 1855.

Villiers is the county’s earliest-known professional photographer. He was an itinerant daguerreotypist who was active in Norwich in 1852-3, and who went on to open studios in Leeds, Leicester and Worcester. His later career – which lasted until at least 1880 – seems to have been spent mainly in Wales and the West Country.

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