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Directory of Early Photographers in Suffolk, Recent Findings

Robert's site has been left unaltered as originally written. If we subsequently discover additional studios operating in Suffolk between 1844 and 1916 we will list them here.

ABRAHAMS, Woolf (1879-1947)

A beach photographer who operated in Lowestoft. See Paul Godfrey's Studio Notes on Photographic Artists of Lowestoft Sands

BLIZARD, W and Son

Walter Eli Blizzard (1887-1960) was the son of photographer William Blizard and was a beach photographer operating in Lowestoft. See Paul Godfrey's Studio Notes on Photographic Artists of Lowestoft Sands

BRIGHT, Jerome Denny (1793-1871)

In the Suffolk Chronicle, Saturday 29 October 1842, p2, J.D.Bright informed the County that he had purchased the exclusive rights to practice photography in Suffolk under Beard's Patent. His "photographic portrait establishment" in Berner's St, Ipswich was opening on Monday 31 October 1842. Full length portraits cost £2.2.0. and would be taken daily by an experienced artist from the Photographic Department of the Royal Polytechnic Institution, London. Suffolk Chronicle 26 November 1842, p2. carried an advertisement for J.D.Bright, cabinet and chair manufacturer, upholsterer and paper hanger, Saxmundham, listing his many wares, including his Photographic Room where "portraits are daily taken". Portraits were also taken at his establishment at Berner's Street, Ipswich. In the Ipswich Journal, Saturday 10 June 1843 p2, J.D.Bright offered to sell rights under the patent to practitioners in any Suffolk towns 20 miles from his establishment. He added "the process does not require an artist, and is easily acquired by any one". A later advertisement for licenses under the patent, for any Suffolk town, appeared in the Suffolk Chronicle 16 May 1846 p2, suggesting that J.D.Bright was giving up his purchased rights.

DAY, Thomas

c. 1859 St Matthews Street, Ipswich. See Suffolk Recent Findings Studio Notes

FOREMAN, William Henry Mark (1874-1972)

A beach photographer who operated at Lowestoft. See Paul Godfrey's Studio Notes on Photographic Artists of Lowestoft Sands

GLYDE, John Jnr

John GLYDE Jnr (1825-1905) was a hairdresser and stationer who ran the Suffolk Nurse and Servant's [sic] Institution and General Register Office in St Matthew's St, Ipswich in the late 1840s. This business was what we would call an employment agency today. (example advertisement Suffolk Chronicle Sat 28 April 1849). In his advertisement in the Suffolk Chronicle 22 August 1857 p.1, for various positions, Glyde added "Photographic Portraits taken daily from nine till dusk at the Photographic Rooms. Prices from one shilling each." It is not clear whether this was simply an additional service line Glyde had developed for his clients or whether he also used these photographs as part of his process matching individuals and employers. By the following year photography was dropped from his advertising and his offerings concentrated on stationery, books and periodicals.


Itinerant photographer c. 1858. See Suffolk Recent Findings Studio Notes

HUNTER, Frederick Pet(t)r(e)y, Mr MATTHEWS, James WRIGHT, Samuel WRIGHT

1850s and 1860s in Sudbury. See Suffolk, Studio Notes, Frederick Hunter and Other Sudbury Photographers

Carte de visite by Fred Hunter, Sudbury, Suffolk


St Peter's Street Ipswich c.1859. See Suffolk Recent Findings Studio Notes

SMITH, Thomas (1860-)

A beach photographer who operated at Lowestoft. See Paul Godfrey's Studio Notes on Photographic Artists of Lowestoft Sands

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